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A motivational speaker than can street-dance!

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A powerful life-story of overcoming mental health issues to deliver an inspiring message at events. Suitable for parties, dinners, conferences, and motivational events for corporations and schools.

Keynote Speeches

Mental Health and Motivational Speaking

These speeches cover Vidura's battle with mental health issues. He has lived an incredibly eventful life struggling with mental health issues from a young age. Moreover, he had great difficulty growing up in a tough environment after relocating in early childhood. Vidura has overcome countless obstacles including, severe depression, failure of exams, instability, and financial issues to become a successful engineer and a street-dancer. During his journey, he met some of the best professional street-dancers in the world. His story has been featured by the UK Mind mental health charity and the Happiful magazine. The motivational speeches cover coping mechanisms to deal with mental health issues and adversity. Perfect for motivational and mental health events.

I was the dancing engineer

Short highlight of speech and dance

Achieving Your Goals in Life

These speeches cover the experiences Vidura has had in many fields from entertainment to engineering. It is aimed at anyone who is looking for inspiration and ideas to achieve their goals in the face of adversity and failure.

"I have failed at everything I tried, but I eventually became successful at everything I did because I learned to keep going."

FIFA Taught Me Life is Short

Speech with Humour

Inspirational Careers Speaker

Vidura's first job was at a supermarket, working as a retail assistant. He then went on to work as a kiosk assistant at football clubs and a bartender at Royal Albert Hall and Sadler's Wells Theater. He also worked as a retail assistant at a local petrol station. He trained as a professional street-dancer while studying at university. After graduation, he worked as a Mechanical Stress Engineer for Rolls-Royce (RR). Today he runs a start-up education Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts (STEAM) service for schools, works as a professional speaker and dancer. Vidura shares his career life lessons to deliver a passionate message to the audience about pursuing your dreams and goals. It is a story that will motivate anyone to fulfill their potential.

Dual Talks and Support Speakers

We can deliver engaging speaking engagements with the support of some of the best professional street-dancers in the UK. Our dancers are accomplished across a range of dance styles such as Bboying, Popping, and Salsa. You can read more about our support dancers here. These talks cover fitness, maintaining a healthy body and mind, and achieving your full potential.

Dancers and Speakers

Virtual Event Speaker

All our keynote speeches above are now available virtually. They are perfect for online events for your company.

Educational Speeches


A presentation covering how we can build a sustainable society and an economic system that puts the well-being of people and this planet first over profit. Additionally, it covers how we can use the advancements in science and technology towards the betterment of society.

School STEM Talks and Graduation Events

As part of our sister organisation VSTEAM Education, we have delivered hundreds of inspiring school speeches. They are suitable for school assemblies and dinners. You can read more about these engagements here (external link).

We Featured in a campaign with the Institution of Engineering and Technology

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