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Managing Depression

I battled through depression for a large part of my life. Despite that, I went on to become a successful engineer, dancer, and motivational speaker. My story was published by the Happiful magazine and the UK Mind Charity. In this article, I will share my top tips for battling this difficult illness based on my personal experience. Having suffered from depression, I know that telling someone who is depressed to "get out of it" will not work. It's a long path to recovery to get out of depression.


Set Little Goals

If you are struggling to get going in the morning, set yourself some small tasks. These can be small as cleaning your room or going down to the local shop. These little victories count. You will feel better with some sense of achievement. Progress, however small is progress.

Enjoying the Little Luxuries

Make a note of things that makes you feel better, and try repeating those tasks daily. I find drinking tea while relaxing settles down my brain. Enjoy the little moments.

Remember the Good Moments

It can be easy to think about all the negative things when you are depressed. Instead, try to think about all the good times you had during your life. It may be small as the good times you had with your friends. Ask yourself, were those moments worth it? They were! Those moments are worth living life for.

Making Sound Decisions

When you are suffering from depression, you can constantly fluctuate between feeling very high and very low. It can cloud your judgment; therefore, it's best to wait out these periods before making a crucial decision. Consult your friends or a professional if you need to make a decision on something that's important.


Professional Help

Seek professional help. Go to your GP and try counseling. It is not a shame to seek help. We all need it.


Exercising was the key to relieving my brain. It can be hard to find the motivation to exercise when you are suffering from depression, so find a friend that you can train with. I always had more motivation to go to the gym when I was training with a friend. Ask them to give you a buzz when they are going training.

Find a Mentor

Find support for your goals, not just your mental health issues. I turned to one of my dance teachers as a mentor who guided me through my goals during my difficult times. Progress in life makes you feel better.

Try Some Activities and Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way of distracting your mind. Your mind can drift into an abyss, so keeping yourself occupied is one way of preventing this. Even lying down reading a book or watching a film may help you feel better temporarily. I played a lot of FIFA during my depression to help me cope with my issues. Those moments of laughter with friends are a relief.


Find a Place to Retreat

I found during my periods of depression been at certain places made me feel better. It could be a friend's home, a park, a library, a coffee shop, or a bar. Find a place you can retreat to when you need a break.

Give yourself a Break

Take breaks when you are feeling tired. I spend somedays just lying down to recharge my brain and batteries.

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I deliver motivational speeches covering depression and mental health at events and school assemblies. You can read more about them here.



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